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ET 'Shepherds' Another ASCA Ballot

ASCA's 2017 BOD Election

On July 15th Election Trust closed administration of a Board of Directors election for the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). Established as the parent club for the breed in 1957, ASCA is the largest independent breed-specific club in the US. Election Trust deployed its mail-in paper Scantron and Scytl-Secured online ballot platforms to provide ASCA voters all over the world an accessible 'hybrid' voting environment for the eighth straight year in a row...and we look forward to delivering our proven election services to ASCA again in 2018!

ET 'Clear Counts' Philly Boilermakers

IBB Local Lodge No. 13

On June 9th Election Trust traveled to Philadelphia to conduct our second 3rd Party Administration of an election for IBB Local Lodge No. 13 (Greater PA).  Using our Clear Ballot scan count and audit platform, we enabled both the Election Committee and Candidate Reps a truly 'observable digital' ballot count and adjudication. Election Trust looks forward to the opportunity to once again deliver our veteran election services to Local Lodge No. 13 in 2020!