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Washington Tribe Goes 3rd Party

The Cowlitz Tribe Engages ET

Election Trust was honored to provide 3rd Party Election Services for the annual Cowlitz Indian Tribal Elections on June 2 at their newly opened iLani Casino (Ridgefield, WA). Following sequential floor nominations, ET used it's robust Clear Ballot digital paper ballot platform to create, print and count three Ballot-on-Demand events electing a General Council Chairman, a General Council Secretary and six (6) Tribal Council Members. This was the first election the Tribe engaged an outside firm to conduct balloting. 

Snoqualmie Tribe Votes Online

An ET First: A Tribal WeBallot

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Council meeting of March 31st saw Election Trust' first deployment of its onsite & online voting platform for a tribal client. Over 130 eligible voters weighed on the Council's ongoing deliberation reagrding important changes to the Tribe's bylaws at the meeting held at the Snoqualmie Casino located just east of Seattle. Those Constitutional changes will be the subject of an ET-Hosted final referendum ballot in July that will also utilize five Scytl-Secured online voting Kiosks to enfranchise voting members.