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Secure Elections, Every Time

Your election is mission critical. So, it is vital that you partner with a provider that shares your commitment to secure, comprehensive voting that generates transparent unimpeachable findings.

For nearly 20 years, Election Trust has provided organizations with cutting-edge, secure end-to-end election and polling services and solutions.  

Our team of seasoned election management professionals offer years of experience in designing, developing, and implementing cost-efficient, voter-friendly and challenge-free voting- and polling technology.

Whether you use paper ballots, electronic voting or hybrid of these two methodologies, Election Trust can help ensure your results are accurate and secure.


Voting Solutions for Any Organization

Election Trust has worked with membership organizations around the world - organizations of all sizes and types.

Regardless of their governance requirements, needs, or the complexities of their infrastructure, we help customize solutions to improve their election processes and increase voter turnout, resulting in comprehensive, accurate and transparent outcomes.  

Among the organization types Election Trust has collaborated with:

  • Trade Unions

  • Home Owners Associations

  • Pension/Retirement Systems

  • Professional Organizations

  • Cooperatives

  • Affinity/Service Clubs

  • Non-Profits & Partnerships

  • Tribal Governments

  • Special Purpose Gov't Districts

  • Religious Congregations

  • Delegate Conventions

Election Trust’s Voting Platforms



Traditional paper ballots continue to resonate with a significant percentage of voters. That’s why Election Trust has developed proven procedures and protocols to ensure every manual ballot is accurately captured, counted and the reported.

From the proofing and printing of outgoing ballots, to deploying our observable tabulation and adjudication process, Election Trust’s paper-ballot clients count on us to serve as trusted third-party authorities year after year.

More and more organizations now require secure online election voting systems to facilitate their real-time voting and polling needs.  

Election Trust can help your organization launch and maintain a secure, web-based, electronic voting platform using strict data management procedures and protocol. In fact, we have been doing it for years

Maximize voter turnout by offering constituents the ability to cast a paper ballot or participate in secure online voting. Election Trust can create a hybrid election solution leveraging both methodologies - traditional paper balloting or online voting. And, digital voting can be offered to desktop, tablet or smartphone users.

The ballot is stronger than the bullet.
— Abraham Lincoln