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About Election Trust 

Election Trust is an established and proven professional services provider serving both the public and private sectors.  For nearly two decades, our experienced team of balloting and polling professionals have delivered reliable, end-to-end election oversight supported by the latest, most efficient transparent voting and polling technology.

How Election Trust Serves the Private Sector

We have provided Third Party Authority balloting services to cooperatives, professional associations, property owner groups, universities, labor unions, service organizations, tribes and both for-profit and nonprofit corporations. Among the services we’ve provided are:

  • Onsite paper balloting and tabulation

  • Electronic and/or online delegate voting

  • Hybrid remote paper and remote electronic balloting

  • Mail-in Balloting

How Election Trust Protects the Public Sector

Election Trust offers a proven track record of working with state, local and municipal governments, special purpose districts, state regulatory agencies, municipal transit and housing authorities and tribal (First Nation) governments in facilitating:

  • Administering end-to-end elections

  • Providing  proprietary software

  • Consulting on balloting system integration

Election Trust carries $1,000,000 in Commercial Errors & Omissions insurance.


Election Trust’s Procedures & Protocol

In order to secure proprietary client data - including membership lists, membership numbers, any provided client-side documentation - Election Trust deploys the latest security protocols, including end-to-end password protection, rigorous SSL-256 bit encryption methodologies and immutable logs to accurately capture and secure all voting information and ensure tamper-free balloting.

Our Voting Platforms 


paper balloting: Transparency Redefined 

The Clear Count™ platform tabulates and stores each scanned ballot in the election as a high resolution image, then uses its ‘ballot inventory system’ to digitally sort, catalog, isolate and display all voter marks. This allows for an ‘observable’  adjudication process by which any designated election stakeholders can audit each and every ballot  via 'short-throw' projector or TV monitor, i.e. it eliminates the ‘Black Box’ effect of legacy scanning technology and brings fully observable transparency to the counting and reporting process.

The Clear Count™ platform brings a 21st Century surety to 'old-school' ballot tabulation. This process is a real 'game changer' for trade union elections, whether they require an onsite count or - given this new technology - can accommodate a 'remote' paper ballot tabulation/adjudication process managed entirely over a recorded web-cast.



Online Voting: Unsurpassed Security 

Our Powered by Scytl / Pnyx™ v12.7 Internet Balloting Platform is hosted at the hardened and redundant Rogers/BlackIron Data Centre in Markham, Ont. Through rigorous encryption (SSL- 256 bit) it ensures the secrecy of both the voter’s identity and his/her voting preferences. Immutable logs record any voter actions in special files that are protected by cryptographic means to detect any manipulation, ensuring complete, accurate and tamper-free ballot delivery.

Importantly, the Scytl Internet Balloting Platform employs immutable logs that record all 'actions' in special files that are protected by cryptographic means to detect any manipulation - ensuring complete, accurate and tamper-free ballot delivery. A Digital Receipt is generated onscreen after a vote has been cast which enables the voter check that his/her vote has been counted in the final tally.

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Forum cooperative

Forum is a decentralized technology Cooperative. The Forum Platform is a technology toolbox with which communities, governments, or any organization can build governance solutions, whether it be centralized or decentralized. Forum Cooperative offers comprehensive decision making applications such as elections, voting, and governance systems. These solutions will leverage best practices for on and off chain technologies. Forum Cooperative is a partner of Election Trust, providing the option of secure and trusted blockchain elections and voting.